Cindy Lee, Cindy Carver, wedding officiant, author, psychic, medium, shamanCindy Lee’s life is the real world version of NBC’s trailer of hidden secrets and fighting demons as they arise. She is the epitome of the true life version of the character Rosalee in the Grimm series. Cindy Lee embodies the knowledge of these ancient herbs and recipes and has her own cache of Exotic Teas and Spices. With these, she helps those who can not be helped or comforted by conventional measures.

Cindy Lee is the authentic authority battling all that goes bump into the night. She is an authority on healing afflictions that just don’t seem to be of this world. She will fascinate you with her knowledge, experiences and true tales of a life of learning and sharing her vast knowledge of all things Metaphysical, Native American, and Spiritual. You will never meet another like her. There is never a dull moment in her life. You will feel that you have found the Hope Diamond when you meet her. All come away expressing it is a privilege to know her.

Cindy Lee is described by her clients, friends, teachers, and students as intriguing, regal, classy, and exotic, always a delight. Her readings are short, to the point and not always what you may want to hear, but what you need to hear delivered in a friendly conversational style. The reading is conveyed in the most optimistic way possible. Her reviews are positive:

At age three, Cindy Lee’s first memory of clairaudience and clairvoyance happened. Primed psychically on both sides of the family, her abilities can be traced back six generations on her maternal side and four generations on her paternal side. Together, both mom and dad’s family immersed her in the Native American side of her family’s Metis (May-tee) traditions that would serve her well on her spiritual journey. With their strong guidance and loving support she embraced her calling with all the dedication and support needed to serve others.

Outside the family, she continued her shamanic apprenticeship for eleven years learning how to walk between the different realms of heaven as well as the underworlds, and ancient ceremonies and rituals of birth and death. Today she benefits from blending both her eleven year shamanic apprenticeship training and family traditions. She is certified as a Men Chho Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Technique Advance practitioner, ordained as an inter-faith minister through Wisdom Quest- North, and registered with her state since 1993 as a wedding minister.

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Her paternal great grandmother, Miz Sari lived on the Appalachian Trail, and known as the local Granny woman. Miz Sari gave readings and did mystical things for folks when they needed love, better crops, or something else. Her other great grandmother, Ma, taught her about the herbs, little people (a type of fairy known to North America), and keeping secrets. Cindy Lee also dipped deeply into her grandfathers well of knowledge regarding the elements and her father’s expertise with the art of dowsing.

Childhood memories include weekends of family gatherings consisting of bluegrass or hillbilly music, while learning about arcane arts.

Her maternal great grandmother steeped her in native knowledge, the use of alcohol for herbal extracts while her grandmother taught her the ways of the Great Mystery (oral teachings of God). A firm believer that one must give in order to receive, Cindy Lee had fine examples to follow including a mother whom she describes as “a knower”.

Her maternal granny, grandma, and great aunt would often travel between their family in Florida and their northern home where Cindy Lee currently resides, giving Cindy her love of travel and adventure. In a nutshell, her family’s traditional roots are Native and Appalachian and it’s with equal fondness for both sides of her family that she revels in “the glory of being raised a mixed-blood or Metis.”

Cindy Lee decided to honor her country through military service and fulfill her need for adventure and travel. After her military service as an aviation machinist mate (jet mechanic) for the United States Navy, she returned home to follow her family’s Metis tradition.

Cindy Lee wanted to be a stay at home mom. With four daughters under the age of twelve and two of those four in diapers, she started a hub for Psychic Readers Network and worked several other phone lines as well. During that time, she owned two metaphysical bookstores where she gave tarot and trance readings, performed energy work and offered workshops. Her third store was a family project. Having worked as a professional psychic for the past twenty years she began her practice by offering her services at psychic fairs and providing readings in various metaphysical shops. She then moved on to a private clientele.

Since her apprenticeship, she has taught students her traditional ways. This included drumming, songs, and elemental work she was taught as a child, such as meeting your or someone else’s totems, walking in other realms, and manipulating energy and exorcisms. Her advance classes include birthing celebrations, the important death ceremony, and soul retrievals.

For students and friends, she hosts semi- yearly primitive retreats in her father’s lodge (tipi). These retreats include bring your own tent, food and water, while she provides (and includes you, too), a powwow drumming, traditional feast with corn soup, fry bread, wajapi (fruit/jelly sauce type of desert). Her popularity continues to increase and celebrities have sought her talents. Some of her clientele are musicians, pop artists, authors, songwriters, and a Sony executive. The weekend is full of fun activities like: table tipping, trance channeling, sample remote viewing, tea leaf reading, rock divination, and learning to change the taste of water to name a few fun events.

She is a Libra, lives in southwestern Ohio and longs for the warmer climates she experienced while in the military. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives on the family farm with two of her four daughters, two cats and two rescued dogs.

Cindy Lee will do her best to give you the best reading you have experienced. She will not promise you will want to hear what the Spirits have to say, although, she does promise she will give you the information she receives from Spirit. She used the pseudonym, Rosa Pearl for over 20 years, and was told by Spirit to use the name Cindy Lee in July 2013, as she was ordained using it in 1993.

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“What an awesome and wonderful Advisor CindyLee is…..She is a true friend also for helping me out with this man I care for. I would give her over a million stars if I coud. I will be back to update her in a few weeks.”

Posted by: unknown on 07/03/14
“honest and to the point”

Posted by: nurses rock on 04/26/14
“Rosa Pearl always is GREAT. And she not only is a keen reader, but she can CHANGE things to help you. It\’s wonderful knowing I can turn to her to smooth out interpersonal issues in this way. She\’s great!”

Posted by: Ahz on 05/10/13
“Thank you so much. I’m always grateful to be able to call on you for your help. And you do always help!”

Posted by: Ahz on 07/03/13
“She’s so very helpful, not only in providing accurate readings, but in CHANGING the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. I find this to be invaluable. She has helped make my work environment so much better, by working on various relationships I have there.”

Posted by: Ahz on 08/15/13
“Very good reader!! I thoroughly enjoyed Cindy Lee…”

Posted by: Carolyn on 08/18/13
“What I liked about Cindy is she answered my questions but did not ramble on to fill up minutes… she was kind, patient, and straight to the point. Her guidance was wonderful and she does show you that you can rewrite your script. She is a beautiful person. :-)”

Posted by: bubblegumgirl14 on 10/16/13
“I asked her about my business. Nodoubt, She gave me a good advise consulting her spirit guide . She sounds like a professional business mentor. Anyone looking to start a business, I would suggest to talk to her before you make a decission. “

Posted by: Dipak on 10/17/13
“Thank you so much for your time and prayers. Looks like there may be light at the end of this tunnel. I look forward to talking to you soon with update. God bless.”

Posted by: T on 11/06/13
“I recommend CindyLee she is gives practical insight and knowledge that guides you in the right direction, with help from the angels “

Posted by: Stephanie on 01/21/14
“Excellent advisor “

Posted by: Stephanie on 01/21/14
“I got honesty coming through all the way! I feel she was accurate, no sugar coating, sincere, and not what I wanted to hear, but nevertheless what I needed to hear. Thank you so much, Cindy!”

Posted by: Graciela on 02/25/14
“A breath of fresh air. A delight to speak with. She is so amazing, so kind, so beautiful with her words. I spoke with her last October and she came me solid predictions that all panned out… I circled back today to give her validations and she gave me a new set of predictions and some pretty awesome positive reinforcement. TY!”

Posted by: BubblegumGirl on 03/26/14

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