Cynthia Carver’s New URL

For my fan’s that find this page, please note my updates will only be made on the Cynthia Carver dot com page at this time.

My writing took a wonderful turn in New Orleans and the new site reflects the change in my writing as well as presentation.

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

At this time, I’ve decided to re-release the older out of print material, both self help and erotic under Cynthia Carver instead of the pen name I used at the original time of publishing.

These works will be revised before being released on Amazon.Cynthia Carver, steampunk, paranormal, mystery, suspense, erotica, author, Eft for writers, The missing locket, small bit of justice, seance series, tracy richards series, cindy carver

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

Yes, I am a minister and NO it is not reflected through my storytelling.  These two professions have not crossed paths.

My psychic investigator is spiritual, not religious.  She doesn’t like the F-bomb, but uses it when stress and frustration overwhelm her.  Bad guys have a limited vocabulary with every other word being descriptive.  Sometimes the victims are known to swear more than the bad guys.

I write CosPlay weddings.  I officiate CosPlay weddings, as well as off-beat, alternative, humanistic, pagan, LGBTQ, and traditional.

Thank you for stopping by.  Visit the new site, too.