When asked if I had anything about my character, Tracy Richards on my website, I had to say no.  The woman was adamant that I needed a blurb or something about Tracy on my site.   Be proud, D.M. I took what you said to heart and will allow Tracy to tell you a bit about herself.  Maybe later I will use this as trivia, as it is not included in the book.

                    My name is Tracy Richards.  Childhood friends nicknamed me, Spooky.  Thank goodness they didn’t nickname me Snoody.  The paranormal visited me as a child and things that go bump in the night have always hung around.

                   Let me tell you about my name.  Tracy Richards.  Backwards, it is Richard Tracy.  Dad was a fan of the Dick Tracy novels.  Personally, I haven’t read any.  I figured my name was enough and I could by pass the stories.  Let’s face it, Dick wasn’t into the paranormal. So we really have nothing in common.

Cindy Carver, author, psychic, paranormal investigator, tracy richards, paranormal mysteries, paranormal mystery                      High school challenged me.  I did graduate with honors and six months pregnant.  Promiscuous with one boy will do that to a naive young lady.  I’m a slow learner.  Because nine months later, again promiscuous with the same boy, my daughter had a sister.  I went to live with my sister in another state just to put space between said boy and myself.

                      Last week, Officer fancy pants asked for my help locating a green mountain bike.  I suggested to him where to look for it.  Sure enough, he found it.  Returned it to the original owner and took all the credit.  Chief Mike told him he had to start paying me for my services, so he gave me a gift card to Starbucks.  I might have gotten excited if our county had a Starbucks.  The closest one is 60 miles away.  I gave the gift card to Chief Mike, his wife has family close to the Starbucks and will  get use out of it.