theta brain wave, daydream like state, author cindy carver, rosa pearl meditationThe down side to adding cool items to my website by links, links go defunct at times. The page is now functioning with a fifteen and forty five minute meditation at the Theta wave length.

Theta is the realm before deep sleep. When you remain conscious in that state, your body heals, you get terrific ideas, and you reduce stress. Is this proven? Not scientifically. Einstein said his best work resulted from ideas while engaging in “something like” daydreaming. Theta is ‘like’ daydreaming when you remain conscious of your thoughts in a relaxed state. Edison, Tesla, and writers access this daydream like state to create theories, laws, and fantastically entertaining stories.

Enjoy and let me know how you use these cool tools.


frequencies of healing, 192 frequencies of consciousness, Darrell Brann, healing by sound, healing frequencies, light bodyYour light body is your aura.  It is the invisible body around you that allows your awareness to tell you when someone is sneaking up behind you.  It is twelve layers thick, each layer with its own function.  Your light body becomes ill before your physical body.  When the light body is taken care of health improves.

Those new age, free thinkers, and or hippie types have the right idea about keeping the aura clean, although a little smudge and feather action is not what you need for the long haul.  While it does smell good, and feel good, if you are sensitive enough to feel your light body, the light body is made up of sound.

When the musical note of A is tuned to 432 hz instead of the current 440 hz, the ear notices a minute difference in pitch.  There are several musicians on youtube who demonstrate the difference.  Each plays a variety of music in both hertz frequencies allowing you to be the judge as to whether you can tell a difference and what your preference may be.

The new buzz frequency is 528 hz. It is called the love frequency and it is the frequency of Saturn.  Did you know the original music scale only had six notes and followed a Fibonacci sequence?

A sample of videos I tried:  Cymatics experiment tonoscope 432-440 hz  Beethoven 2nd Movement 7th Symphony in 528 hz by zeph Daniel

then visit the movement in 432 hz

All of these musical tones help your physical body while interacting with your light body.

In the late 1980’s, Darrell Brann, a classical trained musician began his life’s purpose of noting the energetic structure of the light bodies, different functioning of various organs and other systems of the physical body.  His Harmonics of Healing focus on the light body by removing emotional trauma which accumulates over the years from environmental or food influences.  His motto, “where healing and metaphysics meet physical reality” is a statement he takes literally.

 Recently, I began to work with his 192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness.  Why you might ask.  Because my mother told me, too.  Yes, I hear you laughing.  In a six month time, she was given the opportunity for him to cross her path three or more times.  The first time at the American Dowsing Society’s western conference, listen to his workshop lecture (he is on youtube), and then to meet him in person at a lecture he presented to Wisdom Quest in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  At that time, he suggested to my mother she might be interested in the Harmonics of Healing your Five Heart Channels.  Her blood pressure has lowered and her walking is less woobly.

 My experience with these recordings from Darrell created a ‘back track’.  Last night I hit an area that triggered the beginnings of a migraine.  It did not become a full fledged migraine that would incapacitate me as they use to do.  This one did make me light sensitive but none of the other deluge of symptoms appeared.  If I interpret this correctly, as long as I keep that area of the light body cleared, it will not revisit me.  These CD’s compliment homeopathic remedies according to my experience.

If you are in need of medical attention please go to a physician or hospital for your health.  In no way am I recommending you not seek a medical doctor.  I am only stating what appears to be happening to my mother and myself while we listen to these over and under tones.