Over the past two years, I have recommended tapping along with Brad Yates, the EFT wizard,brad yates, eft wizard, the tapping solution, eft, tapwithbrad, daily.  Whether you need clarity, relief from depression, or just an amazing day, the youtube videos help clear mind clutter.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet him in person and seized the opportunity.  I’m so glad I did.

My current situation at home produced paper clutter. During our evening of tapping together, I discovered it was related to not wanting to release the situation and hang on to it as if that would honor the dearly departed. Believe me, I am still working on clearing the paperwork and mind clutter this summer brought to me.  This week I focused on finishing up paper work for the estate, dealing with the division of the farm causes me to really drag my feet. Now, that I know the emotions attached to the clutter, I can laser beam my tapping sessions.  There is still a lot of paperwork to finish. 🙁

Getting back to the topic, Tapping with Brad Yates.  I met him at the historic Cincinnati Hilton.  An intimate group did a couple of hours of tapping on several different issues.  When tapping with others on issues you do not feel you have is called borrowing benefits.  It helps everyone on a whole. One attendee received a terminal diagnosis earlier in the day.  As a group, we tapped with Brad Yates and her.  This helped me realize the need to revise my book, EFT for Writers and seek a new publisher.  Out of print since 2008 (I think) and all rights have reverted to me.  How did tapping for someone’s emotion about a dreadful diagnosis bring forth a book revision?  I don’t know.  The book was an aspect that came up for me.  An aspect is often a piece of your puzzle and needs cleared to resolve the root.  Will my book revision help her?  I don’t know.  If it does help her, then I need to begin right away.

As an EFT (emotional freedom technique) Advanced practitioner, I use the techniques with myself, family, friends, and clients.  Personally, I use tapping with everything, from headaches to bruises, from smashed toes to blurry vision.  Tapping has not cured all my physical ailments, but I don’t hold it against the tapping.  Before these ailments will dissolve, I need to find the deep root of said ailment.  Until, then I will continue using the medication the doctor prescribed.

Should you decide to tap for health, wealth, happiness and personal growth, PLEASE take responsibility for your well-being.

For the creative whimsical side of life, tapping allows you to free your thoughts and access your muse.  When stuck writing a scene and the characters aren’t cooperative in showing me what they want to do so that we can achieve the outline, I begin tapping.  In my Tracy Richards’ story this brought forth the hero, an US attorney for the UN at The Hague.  Thats not a career I had never thought of before.  The story line opened globally with that career choice.

How to tap: