Cynthia Carver’s New URL

For my fan’s that find this page, please note my updates will only be made on the Cynthia Carver dot com page at this time.

My writing took a wonderful turn in New Orleans and the new site reflects the change in my writing as well as presentation.

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

At this time, I’ve decided to re-release the older out of print material, both self help and erotic under Cynthia Carver instead of the pen name I used at the original time of publishing.

These works will be revised before being released on Amazon.Cynthia Carver, steampunk, paranormal, mystery, suspense, erotica, author, Eft for writers, The missing locket, small bit of justice, seance series, tracy richards series, cindy carver

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

Yes, I am a minister and NO it is not reflected through my storytelling.  These two professions have not crossed paths.

My psychic investigator is spiritual, not religious.  She doesn’t like the F-bomb, but uses it when stress and frustration overwhelm her.  Bad guys have a limited vocabulary with every other word being descriptive.  Sometimes the victims are known to swear more than the bad guys.

I write CosPlay weddings.  I officiate CosPlay weddings, as well as off-beat, alternative, humanistic, pagan, LGBTQ, and traditional.

Thank you for stopping by.  Visit the new site, too.


Cindy Lee, Cindy Carver, wedding officiant, psychic, medium, shaman, author, Tracy Richards series, Seance SeriesThe hiatus continues from psychic readings and novel writing. Family health issues continue to be my main focus, along with my traditional and cosplay weddings.

My heroine, Tracy Richards, psychic investigator, is yammering to have her story finished and to begin a new adventure with ex-boyfriend, Sly. A reminder, when Tracy’s first story is published and available, the Seance series will become available also.  It will be available  on Renee Pellegrino‘s site and my author site for free. The treasure hunt for The Secret Locket will begin after the heroine’s, Tracy Richards, personal stories are published.

This time offline provided me with a lot of reading time. My recent submersion into spiritual studies is Ho’oponopono. The short and powerful prayer: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. This covers it all, whether it is your battle with a weight issue or with finances.

i am sorry for any abuse i may have caused you. please forgive me as i did not know the harm i may have created. thank you for the support you continue to give me. I love you. (said to your Divine being usually, but can be said to the Spirit of all living things, as in all things have a spirit)

NOTE:  (Wedding Tip)  Your fiance fell in love with you as you are now.  Not what your weight will be by your wedding ceremony.  Do yourself a huge favor, reduce the stress of planning the wedding by eliminating the stress of dieting.  Once you accept yourself and your body as being perfect the way you are (Now), the reduction of that stress allows your metabolism to readjust and your clothes begin to fit differently.

i love you the way you look today.  i am sorry for any abuse i caused you.  please forgive me for expecting you to be like someone else and not your authentic self.  thank you for being who you are today. I love you as you are today.

Sure you may change in-between the lines to reflect different beliefs that arise from saying this mantra.  When I began using the mantra I tapped along with the words.  For an example please check this youtube video.  If you are not familiar with EFT tapping, take full responsibility for yourself and follow the video.  I am an EFT advanced practitioner if you would like private sessions.

I can not think of any issue, that one of those statements wouldn’t be appropriate for. Whether you are at fault or not, it is a very sincere way to make amends. Taking the high road and accepting the responsibility of the situation, whether it is your fault or not. That is the higher self growing and being inspired to Awaken into Enlightenment. <– My opinion.

and… NO you do not have to say this aloud. It is a silent prayer said within you. Use as your new mantra.


NaNoWriMo2014 winnerYes, I did it.  Does the novel make sense?  Who knows.  What I do know is I have over 50,000 words of unedited master piece.  Now that you are finished rolling on the floor laughing your buttocks off, I’m off to edit and re-edit.  I continue to hold on to the dream of writing a novel in 30 days that does not have plot holes or needs more than light editing.


My thoughts on NaNoWriMo 2014


Tracy Richards Series, Seance Series, Cindy Carver author, NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month,As you can tell by the chart in the sidebar, I don’t update daily. My word count is a bit behind schedule and real life is knocking the dedicated writing time slot until tomorrow quite a bit. This happens when I begin writing in earnest. It doesn’t matter if it is November or May, chaos will begin to happen. I will continue to write on and create wacky characters with wild paranormal events.


Tracy Richards Series, Seance Series, Cindy Carver author, NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month,
Join me for NaNoWriMo


A new author with Samhain Publishing’s Horror imprint. Quinn Langston debut’s her series, Vampire Extraordinaire, as anhorror, steampunk, vampires, victorian London, Quinn Langston, exciting (and terrifying) Steampunk vampire adventure set in Victorian England The first book in the series is entitled A Clockwork Army.  Available on Kindle.

Colonel Julian Hawthorne wants to rule the world with his clockwork army of human automatons. The fact that he’s a vampire assists in his quest, if only to ensure he has the wealth and all the time in the world to achieve his goal.

Quinn Langston and Cindy Carver, HorrorHound 2014, Samhain Publishing

Quinn Langston
Cindy Carver

Lord Sebastian Hawthorne is equally determined to stop his brother in his tracks. With the help of Theodosia Ambrose, clockwork expert, he vows to thwart his brother’s plans at any cost. Even his own immortal life.

Quinn Langston follows this book with A Clockwork Victim. 

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