Together, both mom and dad’s family immersed her in the Native American side of her family’s Metis (May-tee) traditions that would serve her well on her spiritual journey. With their strong guidance and loving support she embraced her calling with all the dedication and support needed to serve others.

Outside the family, she continued her shamanic apprenticeship for eleven years learning how to walk between the different realms of heaven as well as the underworlds, and ancient ceremonies and rituals of birth and death. Today she benefits from blending both her eleven year shamanic apprenticeship training and family traditions. She is certified as a Men Chho Reiki Master, Emotional Freedom Technique Advance practitioner, ordained as an inter-faith minister through Wisdom Quest- North, and registered with her state since 1993 as a wedding minister.

Her paternal great grandmother, Mis Sari lived on the Appalachian Trail, and known as the local Granny woman. Miz Sari gave readings and did mystical things for folks when they needed love, better crops, or something else. Her other great grandmother, Ma, taught her about the herbs, little people (a type of fairy known to North America), and keeping secrets. Cindy Lee also dipped deeply into her grandfathers well of knowledge regarding the elements and her father’s expertise with the art of dowsing.

Childhood memories include weekends of family gatherings consisting of bluegrass or hillbilly music, while learning about arcane arts.

Her maternal great grandmother steeped her in native knowledge, the use of alcohol for herbal extracts while her grandmother taught her the ways of the Great Mystery (oral teachings of God). A firm believer that one must give in order to receive, Cindy Lee had fine examples to follow including a mother whom she describes as “a know-er”.

Her maternal granny, grandma, and great aunt would often travel between their family in Florida and their northern home where Cindy Lee currently resides, giving Cindy her love of travel and adventure. In a nutshell, her family’s traditional roots are Native and Appalachian and it’s with equal fondness for both sides of her family that she revels in “the glory of being raised a mixed-blood or Metis.”

Cindy Lee offers her shamanic specialties via the e-Mail Services.  Also, these rituals may be done during a chat room session via her psychic reading chat room.  When you purchase the time for the chat room, remember most rituals will last 45-60 minutes long.  There will not be chat while she completes the ritual.