Our policy has always been one of high integrity. We respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or trade the private information you have entrusted to us. Whether it is an email you’ve shared through a private message or more personal information supplied to us, your information is not shared with a third party. Your private reading will not be shared with a third party, unless it is requested by a subpoena for a court of law.

When leaving a comment or posting on the forum, please keep all private contact information private. If you publish it on the forum or in a comment, we can not help you keep your private information protected.

And do not place live links on the site, as we do not want to contribute to the bots picking them up and spamming.

We use Click 4 Advisor [this is your link to sign up for an account] as our payment processor and chat room. Click 4 Advisor [this link will explain more about C4A] has the same privacy policy. In fact, Click 4 Advisor, [this link explains their double blind policy] will not share your information with us. If you share your information with us, that is the only way we have access to it.

Thank you for adding to the integrity of Proven Psychics privacy policy.

DISCLAIMER: You must be at least 18 years of age. Your reading will in no way constitute medical diagnosis OR treatment of any illness: mental or physical. We ARE NOT Medical Doctors or Lawyers. Any answer regarding law or health is strictly the opinion of the consultant giving the opinion. We are not responsible for the outcome of any choices which you have made or make as the result of your Reading(s). This reading is strictly for entertainment purposes. All purchases are non refundable.