Cynthia Carver’s New URL

For my fan’s that find this page, please note my updates will only be made on the Cynthia Carver dot com page at this time.

My writing took a wonderful turn in New Orleans and the new site reflects the change in my writing as well as presentation.

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

At this time, I’ve decided to re-release the older out of print material, both self help and erotic under Cynthia Carver instead of the pen name I used at the original time of publishing.

These works will be revised before being released on Amazon.Cynthia Carver, steampunk, paranormal, mystery, suspense, erotica, author, Eft for writers, The missing locket, small bit of justice, seance series, tracy richards series, cindy carver

Cynthia Carver’s New URL

Yes, I am a minister and NO it is not reflected through my storytelling.  These two professions have not crossed paths.

My psychic investigator is spiritual, not religious.  She doesn’t like the F-bomb, but uses it when stress and frustration overwhelm her.  Bad guys have a limited vocabulary with every other word being descriptive.  Sometimes the victims are known to swear more than the bad guys.

I write CosPlay weddings.  I officiate CosPlay weddings, as well as off-beat, alternative, humanistic, pagan, LGBTQ, and traditional.

Thank you for stopping by.  Visit the new site, too.


I left for New Orleans this morning, for my first road trip without my traveling buddy.  Many of you, know that my traveling buddy passed from this earth to her spiritual paradise in July of this year.  Some of you have emailed asking if I would take her cremated remains with me to NOLA, and no I will not.  She is residing along side my father in their home.  It feels strange getting ready for this trip without her.

My new series will be pitched to Paula Eykelhof with Harlequin/Mira, Jennifer Letwack with St Martin’s Press, Deb Werksman with Sourcebook, Inc., Tom Colgan with Penguin, Ed Deangelis and Lance Taubold with 13 Thirty Books, and Agent Rebecca Sherer with Jane Rotrosen Agency.

Hotel Monteleone standing tall since 1886.  Originally it held 64 rooms and 1903 thirty more were added.In 1908 when the US was in a financial panic, 300 rooms were added and the name changed from Commercial Hotel to Hotel Monteleone.  With the second generation of Monteleone’s to take control, another 200 rooms were added a year before the horrible crash of hotel-monteleone-new orleans1928.  It remained unchanged until 1954, when major foundation work was constructed.  The fifth generation added a swimming pool to the roof and other amenities in 1964.  This landmark is continues to be a jewel in the French quarter.

Hotel Monteleone, a historic New Orleans hotel, has long been a favorite haunt of distinguished Southern authors. Many of them immortalized the Grand Dame of the French Quarter in their works.  In June of 1999, due to Hotel Monteleone’s distinction among the literary elite, the hotel was designated an official literary landmark by the Friends of the Library Association.

The Plaza and Algonquin in New York are the only other hotels in the United States that share the honor as a designated official literary landmark by the Friends of the Library Association.


Over the past two years, I have recommended tapping along with Brad Yates, the EFT wizard,brad yates, eft wizard, the tapping solution, eft, tapwithbrad, daily.  Whether you need clarity, relief from depression, or just an amazing day, the youtube videos help clear mind clutter.  Recently, I had the opportunity to meet him in person and seized the opportunity.  I’m so glad I did.

My current situation at home produced paper clutter. During our evening of tapping together, I discovered it was related to not wanting to release the situation and hang on to it as if that would honor the dearly departed. Believe me, I am still working on clearing the paperwork and mind clutter this summer brought to me.  This week I focused on finishing up paper work for the estate, dealing with the division of the farm causes me to really drag my feet. Now, that I know the emotions attached to the clutter, I can laser beam my tapping sessions.  There is still a lot of paperwork to finish. 🙁

Getting back to the topic, Tapping with Brad Yates.  I met him at the historic Cincinnati Hilton.  An intimate group did a couple of hours of tapping on several different issues.  When tapping with others on issues you do not feel you have is called borrowing benefits.  It helps everyone on a whole. One attendee received a terminal diagnosis earlier in the day.  As a group, we tapped with Brad Yates and her.  This helped me realize the need to revise my book, EFT for Writers and seek a new publisher.  Out of print since 2008 (I think) and all rights have reverted to me.  How did tapping for someone’s emotion about a dreadful diagnosis bring forth a book revision?  I don’t know.  The book was an aspect that came up for me.  An aspect is often a piece of your puzzle and needs cleared to resolve the root.  Will my book revision help her?  I don’t know.  If it does help her, then I need to begin right away.

As an EFT (emotional freedom technique) Advanced practitioner, I use the techniques with myself, family, friends, and clients.  Personally, I use tapping with everything, from headaches to bruises, from smashed toes to blurry vision.  Tapping has not cured all my physical ailments, but I don’t hold it against the tapping.  Before these ailments will dissolve, I need to find the deep root of said ailment.  Until, then I will continue using the medication the doctor prescribed.

Should you decide to tap for health, wealth, happiness and personal growth, PLEASE take responsibility for your well-being.

For the creative whimsical side of life, tapping allows you to free your thoughts and access your muse.  When stuck writing a scene and the characters aren’t cooperative in showing me what they want to do so that we can achieve the outline, I begin tapping.  In my Tracy Richards’ story this brought forth the hero, an US attorney for the UN at The Hague.  Thats not a career I had never thought of before.  The story line opened globally with that career choice.

How to tap:


When asked if I had anything about my character, Tracy Richards on my website, I had to say no.  The woman was adamant that I needed a blurb or something about Tracy on my site.   Be proud, D.M. I took what you said to heart and will allow Tracy to tell you a bit about herself.  Maybe later I will use this as trivia, as it is not included in the book.

                    My name is Tracy Richards.  Childhood friends nicknamed me, Spooky.  Thank goodness they didn’t nickname me Snoody.  The paranormal visited me as a child and things that go bump in the night have always hung around.

                   Let me tell you about my name.  Tracy Richards.  Backwards, it is Richard Tracy.  Dad was a fan of the Dick Tracy novels.  Personally, I haven’t read any.  I figured my name was enough and I could by pass the stories.  Let’s face it, Dick wasn’t into the paranormal. So we really have nothing in common.

Cindy Carver, author, psychic, paranormal investigator, tracy richards, paranormal mysteries, paranormal mystery                      High school challenged me.  I did graduate with honors and six months pregnant.  Promiscuous with one boy will do that to a naive young lady.  I’m a slow learner.  Because nine months later, again promiscuous with the same boy, my daughter had a sister.  I went to live with my sister in another state just to put space between said boy and myself.

                      Last week, Officer fancy pants asked for my help locating a green mountain bike.  I suggested to him where to look for it.  Sure enough, he found it.  Returned it to the original owner and took all the credit.  Chief Mike told him he had to start paying me for my services, so he gave me a gift card to Starbucks.  I might have gotten excited if our county had a Starbucks.  The closest one is 60 miles away.  I gave the gift card to Chief Mike, his wife has family close to the Starbucks and will  get use out of it.


Critique groups, are they important?

the event connections, western ohio writers association, better business bureau networking, womens business networking international, dayton ohio, wedding officiant, rev cindy lee, cindy carver author, cheap weddings, Gery Deer, Barbara Deer, Philip Lee writing

The Event Connection
4140 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45432

          Yes and no. A critique group will help you when you are ready to take your writing to the next level. For a person who recently picked up the keyboard to begin writing, has yet to hone their voice, and or believes their first draft is comparable to, pick any USA Today best selling authors, finished and polished manuscript, the critique

group is not for you. You need a critique partner of equal or with slightly better skills than yourself.

          Yes. your critique partner should rip your work apart and add suggestions to make your work better. This is a give and take experience. You give as good as you get.

          A critique group is made up of varying skill levels and they all rip your work to shreds. The good side of this, if more than one person is suggesting you make a change, you should listen up.

Western Ohio Writers Association, Gery Deer, Barbara Deer, Philip Lee writing, critique group, Dayton, Ohio,

Western Ohio Writers Association

          Last night, I went to a Better Business Bureau networking meeting with the Women’s Business Networking  International group. We met in the Event Connections building where I conduct weddings and the occasional class or two on various topics. It was also the regular meeting night of the Western Ohio Writers Association. While I didn’t make a connection at the event I intentionally went to, I did meet a lot of wonderful writers who make up a large critique group.

          Will they replace my critique partner of 16 years? No. They will enhance the work Renee and I do for each other. I will gain more experience, the shredded work I receive will be shared with Renee and she too will learn from the group.

          Remember, if it is not constructive criticism … you do not want it.

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